I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, BICYCLE; Marc, wk.10

Metres swam: 4,000

Time on watt bike: 3hrs 30m

Miles cycled: 60 miles

Strict diet: IGNORED

So we are 10 weeks into our blog ahead of Hamburg in July, and this instalment is all about reflection. And the size of the challenge ahead.

The first thought for the day:

What have we done?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was signing up for. And I’m sure Tom did too. But the days are going quick, and my weight ain’t going down. So we need to get serious here. This isn’t just a fun run on a Sunday afternoon before we enjoy a roast. This is big time. Now is the time to turn it up a notch. Get focused. Go big or fail.

The second thought:

What has gone well so far, and where can I improve?

Well, week 10 has probably been the biggest training week to date. And whilst the size of the challenge is still daunting, I have to call out the positives. Now I’m certainly not Aquaman, but the last few sessions in the pool have given me a boost in the swimming department. I know my form isn’t perfect, but I’ve achieved a 3km distance with a time that is comfortably within the cut off ahead of Hamburg as we up the distance to 2.4 miles. I’m looking forward to getting some open water sessions scheduled in now that the weathers looking up.

And now we get to the bike. I’ve always known this leg is where I’d have to put the most effort into when it comes to training. As a result I’ve been getting on the watt bike as many times as possible to build up the hours on a high resistance. What the watt bike can’t do is replace the hard miles in the saddle, no matter the setting you choose.

So this weekend marked the longest ride to date clocking in a whopping 60 miles through God’s Own Country. Yorkshire as it’s known to the uneducated and uncouth. The ride out was aided with fantastic weather and a new whip to try out. See the below Boardman which was a fantastic change up from my heavy Giant Defy, and will be what I ride in Hamburg all being well.

It was a solo ride owing to Tom’s standard life dramas (I’ll let him tell the tale), but I enjoyed it nonetheless considering I almost stayed in bed instead of donning the Power Ranger outfit. I’m glad I did. Over 4 hours in the saddle and getting those gains really did give me another boost.

Do I think I could clock another 52 miles on top of the distance and run a marathon?

Answering honestly right now, no. But I will. And it’s only pushed me on further to get my head in the game. I’ve got the bug.

So week 11 is going to be a big training week. And so is next week. And the week after that until me and Tom are crowned IRONMEN!

And whilst I’m feeling confident and in the zone, what better time to test out the foot with a light jog??

Watch this space..

And remember, me and Tom are fundraising for Movember, a charity addressing some of the biggest health concerns that men face; prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. By competing in Ironman we aim to raise awareness for the Movember and have pledged a target of £5000.

Check out our JustGiving page below👇🏻


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