Cycling in a sauna; Tom wk 11.

Another week complete and a couple more minor achievements under the belt.

Swimming continues to feel strong, or reasonably strong anyway. I smashed off the IronMan swim distance of 4000 meters at the weekend in a half decent time. I’d been doing some calculations in my head during the lengths and somehow thought 2.4mile was about 4.5k. I was swimming away, pool slowly emptying when the lifeguard shouted to me to say that the swim session was finished and I almost begged to stay in to finish off 500m. I hopped out and googled the distance, soon realising that 2.4 mile is actually 3862 meters. A small embarrassment avoided but there were certainly bigger to come.

I’ve also invested in some smaller, tighter swim shorts to really show off those chicken legs of mine. The main reason I’ve made the investment is because I decided to leave my swim shorts in the changing rooms last week and had to call up cringing and beg for them back. These new shorts though are something else. They feel quicker in the pool but not so quick getting on and off. As me and Marc was chatting and getting ready for a midweek plunge in the pool, something got trapped in a way very similar to when Ben Stiller got his junk stuck in his zipper in “There’s something about Mary”. Another embarrassment behind me, and with a slightly higher pitched voice, I limped down onto pool side…

1st April was also DEADLINE DAY for myself and my habit of eating anything that fell into my path whether it be crunchies, roast dinners or even small children (the latter not so often). The issue is that I enjoy cooking and the food we eat for tea and lunches may be healthy and full of veg but the snacking in between is something else. I use the excuse “carb loading” fairly loosely as I’ll scream it when I’m chomping down on Easter eggs, chocolate cake, ice cream or cereal bars. Unfortunately my better half has explained that this is not so much carb loading but instead crap loading. So the newer IronMan diet is underway and there was no better way to see off the old diet than a large curry, rice, Naan bread, chutneys and poppadoms the night before. Like an exotic version of Jesus’ last supper. Although it quickly went downhill as I visited my lovely mum on Mother’s Day and she gave me a fantastic looking (and tasting) triple chocolate cake, vanilla icing and Nutella frosting. Obviously small slices of this is some form of carb loading so I’ve excused myself to finish the cake off.

“I’ll just a slither please”

And then due to delays with the house move and the bog standard complications in the life of Tom Giles, me and the other half have moved in temporarily with the mother-in-law. This I’m sure she’s delighted about. She’s aware of my training regime and mammoth task that I’ve took on and been a saint helping with it. The mother-in-law is also very quiet, and likes the house very quiet, of which I am not and certainly neither is my half turbo-trainer half Apache gunship (I’m on about the loudest cycling training aid known to man). In order to combat the 900wattage of screeching that it delivers I’ve been placed in the conservatory, door shut, to rattle off the miles. It’s very similar to when you shut the dog in a separate room when it’s shit on the carpet or tried humping the tv stand. Except this dog has been placed in a glass furnace for 2 hours. To say I came out of there dripping is an understatement. I looked more like I’d been for another swim.

But I guess that’s what IronMans about for me and Marc. It’s about fitting in a ridiculously large challenge into our already busy lives. And don’t get me wrong it’s not been easy, but we’re committing our spare time to the open road at the weekend, the pool in the early AM and the evenings cycling in the sauna to make sure we succeed – all in aid of Movember. A charity that truly is brilliant, and if you haven’t donated yet we beg that you do, even if it’s the smallest amount.

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