All the gear and no clue; Marc, wk. 12.5

Miles cycled: 137

Kilometres swam: 6.8

Miles ran: big fat zero

So it’s been two weeks since my last ramblings. And I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, just like my boy Tom!!

First up – a big thank you to Minster Law and Reynolds Associates!

After submitting a proposal to our employer, Minster Law, to support us ahead of Hamburg, our charity committee approved an endorsement and donation of £1,000 to cover our kit in support of the Movember Foundation. We already have our wetsuits, tri-suits and cycle jerseys on order which we’ve got tailored to show their support. And also a big up to Reynolds Associates for the endorsement too on our new kit!

It won’t be too long now until me and Tom hit the open water and test the new gear out, covering all aspects of the Ironman. So watch this space..

I for one can’t wait to look like the seal out of Planet Earth as he’s dragged off the iceberg by the killer whale! Nothing urges weight loss more than ordering a XXL tri-suit when you’re deemed “Big and Broad” under the sizing. I haven’t seen that many X’s on something other than on a Burger King order and my internet browsing history!

oh yeah, the training..

After reading George Mahmood’s Operation Ironman the other week, I feel a little more reassured that my injury (Marc, wk.2) won’t hold me back too much. I’ve always thought that my running ability, pfft, would see me over the finishing line. But legs after a 112 mile cycle won’t be much use to me. So I’ve decided to throw myself into the cycling leg. As well as hitting a peak 70 miler last week, regular watt bike sessions and strength training has given me hope.

I also swam the Ironman distance last night in the pool. It felt great to get the distance under my belt before we hit the open water sessions in the next couple of weeks.

So it’s 3 months and counting to squeeze in some long cycles, swims and events to get us used to transitioning between the legs. Any suggestions on events would be appreciated as we are already eyeing up Lincoln, Leeds and Birmingham triathlons in the upcoming months.

Whilst Hamburg is looming, I’m definitely bricking it. But shit, I’m excited!!

And remember, me and Tom are fundraising for Movember, a charity addressing some of the biggest health concerns that men face; prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. By competing in Ironman we aim to raise awareness for the Movember and have pledged a target of £5000.

Check out our JustGiving page below

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