Triathlons, Thongs and Tribulations; Marc, wk.16

Current weight: 15st 11lb

Triathlons completed: 1

Wetsuits squeezed into: 1 with 2 assists

Miles ran: Lots and lots!

So it’s been two weeks since my last blog and Tom has took the reigns telling you all about our first triathlon in Lincoln. And whilst Tom did come in 40 seconds ahead of me, let’s not forget I broke my foot a mere 4 months ago. But I’m over it.

Since my last blog I feel both me and Tom have really turned a corner when it comes to our training. After weighing in at an eye watering 17st 3lb a few months ago, I’ve finally shifted a little timber so I’m under 16st – FINALLY!

And this is all down to being able to get back running after the broken foot, squeezing in the Runch runs with Tom and the guys at work over lunch. It’s great to be back, and feeling my mood improve has given me a great boost.

We’ve both upped our training regime too. As well as running I’m squeezing in pool swims and strength sessions most days. Swole is the goal, we’ve gotta look good in these skin tight outfits after all…

And we even signed up with Wakefield Triathlon Club, dipping our toes into the first open water session of our training at the nearby lake which we usually run around rather than swimming in. I mean I’ve had better Sunday mornings, usually involving a lay in followed by a late brunch. This one involved launching ourselves into freezing cold water before 9am. I have to say the beers from the night before weren’t the best idea. But why change the habit now eh?

And let’s not talk about the bloody wetsuit. Once I was in it (after being lubed up and stuffed into it with help from Tom and Shaun) I looked like melted ice cream. Definitely an incentive to lose some more weight ahead of Hamburg!

Having all of the right kit including the wetsuits is courtesy of some fantastic sponsorship from Minster Law, Reynolds Associates and Premex Group, and of course Victoria at Pennline for doing the branding!

Whilst we certainly don’t have the bodies of Triathletes, I feel we can at least pass for one. From a distance. In low lighting. And a Hefé filter.

On top of completing our first triathlon over the last few weeks, my appearance on The New Monty, thong and all, went out on ITV. It was amazing to get to meet the wonderful “Monty Army” let alone share the stage with those amazing guys. #1Love.

I’m still humbled to have had the opportunity to be on the show and share our message in raising awareness in support of testicular and prostate cancers. To receive so much love was amazing and to have messages come in from friends telling me that the show has prompted them to get themselves checked out is the sole reason I got my cock out for over a thousand strangers and the cast of TOWIE and Love Island!

And keeping on the theme of awareness, this week is Mental Health Awareness week. Our employer, Minster Law, has been doing different activities and sessions each day to support with improving and supporting the mental health of our colleagues. I even had the opportunity to facilitate a “Tea and Talk” session with some of my colleagues from across the business, and even tried yoga for the first time!

I say it every year, but awareness of mental health isn’t just a one off. It’s great to peak the focus and interest, but it needs to be long lasting and ingrained to make a difference. We need to capture the moment and continue the momentum to change the culture, and the stigma around poor mental health.

It was eye opening in the “Tea and Talk” sessions to hear about other people’s experiences of stress, anxiety and depression. From their own experience, or that of their families and friends. And what I’ve learnt this week is that you don’t know what other people are going through and the challenges they face. Whether it’s their own struggles. Or if they’re supporting a loved one through theirs. So just be nice, and listen. I’m a firm believer that just being there, listening and talking about it is getting over the first hurdle, and then it is progress from there.

To those that I’ve talked to this week, and those that have listened – thank you!

Having someone there to open up to with stories of my Dad, who took his own life when I was young, has made me realise that I need to talk about him much more than I do. Poor mental health shouldn’t be stigmatised and maybe I’ve been guilty of reinforcing that stigma by not being open and honest about how it affected my Dad, and ultimately me and my family over the years since his death. But I’m going to make that positive change going forward.

So remember, talking can save lives. Be available, and give someone those 5 minutes of your time. You don’t yet know the difference you could make.

Much love,


And remember, the Budget Brownlees are fundraising for Movember, a charity addressing some of the biggest health concerns that men face; prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. By competing in Ironman we aim to raise awareness for the Movember and have pledged a target of £5000.

Check out our JustGiving page below👇🏻

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