Budget Smugglers; Tom, wk 13


The last week and a half has been steady. A constant mix of run, swim and cycle whilst eating too much (still). But the meals have been healthier, and given the amount of calories being burned more food is certainly better than less. Although it is concerning no more weight has been lost, I’d expected to be a ripped stick by now but instead I’ll be looking like a pudgy dwarf in that wetsuit.

Ive gained a couple of things since the other week that also makes it look more like I know what I’m doing. Until I bellyflop into the pool or fall off the bike at least. Having the right equipment is essential to be competitive so I’ve stepped away from a tee-shirt that blows up in the wind making me look more like an air balloon than a Brownlee brother for a budget cycling jersey that cost only a tenner! And I’ve moved away from my tacky amazon goggles for a pair of outdoor Speedos I’ve picked up from the designer outlet for £15. Ironman on a budget, and man I love a bargain.

What we’ve also gained is a considerable amount of sponsorship. Our justgiving page continues to climb steadily so please do keep sponsoring. Even fivers are massive boots and keeps us motivated to succeed! And a huge thank you to our employer Minster Law who very kindly donated £1000 towards kit in order to make sure that we succeed. As both of us are new to the sport, we had no kit previously and it would’ve stayed that way given the budget we’re on for the foreseeable period of time so now we’ll have the gear and unfortunately just no idea. In addition, Reynolds Associates, an architectural company that started in Nottingham but now has fingers in many pies across the country, has also endorsed us and allowed us to get more of the gear that we need, and promised to support us throughout our journey. In return, we’ll be sporting sponsors of both Minster Law and Reynolds Associates on our cycling jerseys, wetsuits and tri-suits. Whether we’ll look good in them is for someone else to decide…

What we’ve also gained is confidence too. I even attempted to go to a triathlon training event near myself last week but after days of psyching myself up for it I rocked up and found out it had been cancelled because of the half term holidays. A real pie in the face moment. Marc’s continuing to test his foot out on a run too with both of us hoping it plays ball and we’ve even signed up for Lincoln Triathlon this weekend (last minute decision, let’s hope it pays off). Hopefully we’ll have had our gear delivered just in time to try out but if not, we’ll be the two guys wearing jeans and a tee trying to compete…

What I’ve tried to do this weekend is get some more miles under my belt on the bike. Saturday I got up early and cycled over to a wonderful place called Sleaford (those that know Sleaford will appreciate the sarcasm), a 65 mile round trip that I competed in about 4 and a half hours. I set off well and for the first 30 miles hit an average pace of 17mph feeling pumped but unfortunately the sun rose far quicker than I can cycle and the last 20 miles were a struggle. For those that don’t know, the Ironman is a 112 mile cycle which should be competed ideally in 8 hours so I’ve got plenty of mileage to do in a far quicker time. What I do have on my side however is that Hamburg is quite flat whereas Nottinghamshire and it’s rolling fields are very not. In fact, I’m that fed up of plodding up 20% inclines at 3mph whilst being conscious of the family holidays I was ruining of those sat in the cars behind me that I decided on spending an hour and half on the bike and turbotrainer in the conservatory that I’ve previously described. Too summarise how bored I am of stupid hills I’d rather train hard in 24 degree heat in a closed off conservatory, dripping any moisture I have in my body than cycle up a damn hill. But the training must go in because that bike time is my main area of concern. If you don’t complete it in time, even though you might complete the whole course, you’re not an Ironman. And right now, I’m feeling more of a tinman.

I stop at Southwell Minster because it looks great, not because I’m dying…honest

The triathlon this weekend will be exciting and great test of how far we’ve come though especially given the fact I’ve polished off about 6 Easter eggs. It’s only a sprint format so it’s short and quick (probably won’t be for us) but it’ll be our first experience of transitioning from one sport to the other. We’ll be able to fully understand why people say it’s so hard to tie shoelaces after a swim and a cycle and we’ll be fully pledged triathlon members. What I am particularly concerned about is that Lincoln contains an awful lot of hills, one that steep it’s called steep hill, and I’m so fed up of p*****g hills.

Big egg or small head?!

So thank you for making this possible Reynolds Associates and Minster Law and please please don’t be embarrassed of this weekends efforts! It and we, can only get better!

Falls, Injuries and Not-So-Neat-Cleats; Tom wk.2

Week 2 has certainly come with its challenges.

Our work, Minster Law, give us the opportunity to volunteer with a nearby charity and so myself and Marc spent our Monday building fences out of old Christmas trees. Everything was running smoothly, the fence was looking fantastic and some serious calories were being burnt (fence building is no easy thing to do!) until Marc decided to turn his ankle over mid-afternoon and unfortunately broke a bone in his foot. I’m sure they’ll be more to come from him on this, so I’ll save it for him to explain further as I’m wary of treading on his toes…

Last week I purchased a new pair of swim shorts, as I’ve been clocking up the meters previously in a baby blue pair of short shorts, something more suitable for Ibiza rather than open water swimming. I’ve opted for a pair of tighter, snugger red and black shorts that were on sale in Decathalon. I was excited to use them, to see if perhaps now I swam more like a Dolphin rather than a Dog but frustratingly my excitement was somewhat short-lived as the nearby pool was closed for several days for its annual clean… Perhaps another day, for now I’ll continue to dream.

Finally, when the weekend came I decided to make the investment that would hopefully turn me from the amateur 30 mile rider to the slick and quick century cyclist. The one piece of equipment that was capable of doing this was a pair of cycling shoes and some cleats. For those that have not used cleats before, or know what they are, they are triangular shapes of sin attached to the bottom of your flimsy shoes that ‘clip’ into the pedals as you ride and allow you and the bike to become one. Unfortunately I learnt that getting ‘unclipped’ was a lot harder and me and bike remained as one for far longer than I wanted. This Sunday I had my first cycling fall. I had my second cycling fall. In fact I think I had 4 falls off my bike in total, all of which were on or around my drive. I decided after 40 minutes of getting on my bike, ‘clipping in’, trying to ‘unclip’ and then eventually falling off I decided to pack it in as a bad job. My knees were cut, my nice white top was covered in blood and dirt and my missus was crying with laughter. These cleats had humiliated me. I had my sights set on a 50miler today, unfortunately I barely made it off my drive. I then spent the next 2 hours watching YouTube videos of how to detach yourself from your own bike. I aim to try again later today. Maybe.

And for those hanging in suspense wondering how on earth I got on when I eventually was allowed in the pool, I managed to hop in and do 1000 meters front crawl in a relatively quick time. In fact, I swam probably the best I have ever swam, but I’m sure this was more because I’d eaten ‘tea’ prior to my swim rather than my new non-restrictive swimwear. I am however far warier of hopping out the pool with these bad boys on though now as I don’t want to give those swimming a fright since they are particularly ‘figure-hugging’.

Reflecting, I’d like to think I’ve got more gear but certainly no more idea than I had the week before.

We do want to thank those at Natural Balance Foods who sent an array of fantastic tasting Trek Bars over to me and Marc to help in our training for the next few months. These taste great and each packet or bar has between 10-12g of protein. If you haven’t tried these before, get some to make sure that when you’re snacking you’re snacking the right way!